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Investing in Bodywork is an investment in your health.

Services and Rates

Experience the best in bodywork therapy with NsaaNow Therapeutic Mobile Massage. Each session is customized to meet your needs and provide you with a restorative and enjoyable massage experience.

NsaaNow Customized Bodywork

Reduce stress and experience relief from pain with relaxing Swedish techniques, Deep therapeutic pressure, or a combination of both for ultimate health and wellness benefits.

  60 min: $80     90 min: $100

Pregnancy Massage:

This soothing massage is safe and effective for easing discomfort common during pregnancy while promoting the well-being of your fetus. This massage is available for moms past in their first trimester only. 

 60 min: $80     90 min: $100


Treat more than just your feet with a foot massage. Designed to correspond with all the glands, organs, and other parts of the body.

 60 min: $80       90 min: $100

Sports Massage Care:

Receive pre and post massage by incorporating stretching and tissue manipulation to prepare muscles for physical exertion.

 60 min: $80     90 min: $100

Muscle and Joint Release:

Assists individuals with maintenance needed after injury.  For more information, ask how medical massage can benefit you.   

30 min: $60       60 min: $80     90 min: $100

Aural (Energy) Alignment: 

Non-invasive approach to cleansing your personal kinetic (energy) field, releasing yourself of excess energy that has been internalized.

60 min: $70       90 min: $110     

Focused work:

Any problem area that you would like addressed for the duration of the bodywork session.

60 min: $80     90 min: $100

Lifestyle Coaching:

Address transitions, relationship issues, or obstacles in your personal life. where choosing a course of action has become an obstacle in achieving your goals.

60 min: $50      90 min: $90

Your bodywork session will leave you replenished, and rejuvenated. Call today to ask questions or to schedule your appointment. Visit our Charles Village location or  ask about our mobile service. We make house calls! All sessions are by appointment only.  

Investing in bodywork is an investment in your health!

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